School Code - 14011
School Affiliation No - 1730157
Address - Army Public School Itarana,
Alwar Rajasthan, India
Phone No. - 0144-2980050
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From Principal's Desk :
The 21st century will belong to those who can “ learn unlearn and relearn “ . Do we have an answer to prepare and train our children to face these uncertainties of life ! The world around us is changing very fast .The deluge of information to be processed by each one of us on a daily basis is simply mind boggling. The technological advancement has brought 24 × 7 connectivity for all of us . Our children face a great challenge in their lives today to be successful . The information management has changed the way we think, eat and socialize thus announcing the arrival of a new paradigm shift.
Every country in the world is reforming its school education today to address this shift and is embracing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at school level. CBSE has introduced the revolutionary concept of CCE for holistic development of the school students. Today there is a greater emphasis in schools on nurturing thinking and life skills for its students. The school education has moved from conventional chalk & talk approach to visual and experiential learning encouraged through projects, case studies through OTBA (Open textbook assessment) and PSA (problem solving ability) for students.
A great emphasis is being laid by AWES on developing communication skills in English, Technology aided learning (TAL), rigorous teacher training held at country’s renowned teacher learning resource centre, FDRC New Delhi. The school conducts workshops, seminars and personal career counseling for its students to achieve their goals in life and take informed decisions.
The school management believes every child is born with certain skills which need right facilitation and learning environment. School Curriculum is designed to help students develop into skilled learners for life. A great stress is laid on inculcating discipline and moral values amongst our students to make them responsible citizens of India. The students at APS Alwar are assessed with a vision to enable them to become confident lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the country.
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