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Army Public School : Summer Camp


 Starting in the 2nd week of May 2018, The SUMMER CAMP was conducted in ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL, Itarana, Alwar for children to learn new skills in a safe and nurturing environment. The camp duration was 15 days, starting on 14th May 2018, and continuing till the 28th. Around 530 students participated in different activities.

  • To engage the kids in activities that they find both enjoyable and meaningful
  • To give them an opportunity to learn and develop skills like Art & Craft, Dance , Music, Pottery, Candle Making, 3D Animation etc.
  • To provide an even platform for all kids to explore and express their creativity, in any form
  • To educate and create awareness among them about various issues like Environment, Nutrition, etc

The camp kicked off on the 14th of May and we concluded on 28th . Intra- day duration was from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.


The camp was inaugurated by honorable Principal Mrs. Sudha Madan and SO Sir in school Playground with an inspirational speech and Balloon Flying.


In keeping with the theme of Creativity , Painting, Poster Making, Sketching, Best out of Waste, Pottery and Dramatics were introduced to the students.

This activity helped the students develop their bilateral coordination, fine motor skills , promote their artistic efforts, improve visual processing skills and promote executive functioning.


 2. Sports:

Children enjoyed Hockey, Basketball, Football, Table Tennis and Badminton. The benefits of playing sports are multiple. It teaches the children life skills like team work , leadership and patience.

 3. Dance & Music:

Music and dance are great stress removers. “Music is the shorthand of emotion.” And “ Dancers are the messengers of the gods.” Classical Contemporary, Western, Hip hop… dance forms and Common musical forms were introduced to the students.


3D Animation and Photo Effect skills were developed in the students during the camp. Visual art of writing i.e. Calligraphy teaching improved the handwriting of students. Various different styles and fonts were taught using a variety of nibs.


Children practised Workplace English and trained to speak in an effective and confident manner. Hindi , English and Sanskrit reading was also initiated during the camp.
Movie and Magic Show was also planned with an ice-cream party to cheer the students during the camp.
Different competitions ( Carrom, Chess, Badminton, Table Tennis, Hockey and Speech) were also added to our schedule followed by Prize Distribution to the Winners.
All the Participants were awarded with the Participation Certificates.
 Be it during the planning stage , or when the camp was in progress, the wholehearted efforts of all the volunteers involved is what made the Conducting of the Summer Camp a success.
 We are specially grateful to the following volunteers:
1. Teaching Staff of ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL
2. 16 Medium
3. Arty Div
4. Honorable Patron and Chairman
 A big thank to venerable Principal Madam (Mrs. Sudha Madan) & Vice Principal Sir (Mr. Dushyant Tiwari) who helped coordinate events throughout the camp.


 We concluded on 29th May with a Grand Closing Ceremony of summer Camp followed by EXHIBITION and Visit of our honorable guest Mrs. Reena Sharma.
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